Wednesday, February 3, 2010

About Me

Assalamualaikum and welcome to my blog.I will start this writing with my personal background.My name is Muhammad Hafizuddin Kasim.Iwas born in 21 februari 1989.I am the Terengganu origin.both of my parents was born Terengganu so are me.Before has been declair as a student of UiTM,I am the STPM candidates of SMKA Durian Guling after finishing my middle school at SMA Mahmudiah.My Islamic Background of my previous school will affect my idea on writing and thinking.I am also interested to write about global issues.

Have you ever heard one crazy man standing in front of an audience and give them a speech.what is in your mind.Will the audience receive his idea?will the audience get the input from him?Do the crazy person give a relevant idea to be received by the listener?so,it prevent many questions mark.That is some example why it’s important to make the readers of my blog attracted to see your blog.we need to have strong idea with relevant fact and approved personality.I often to read a news paper to get the news update.what I will wrote in this blog are closely related to my opinion according to the news that I read.

Have you ever wondering why the chef put a decoration on his or her food presentation.What if the chef eliminate the decoration and present the food alone.It will never change the taste but people might be didn't notice the food.Let’s replace the food with writing and and the chef replace with my self.My writing will be abandoned although my writing is full of ideas.A creative template and layouts will solve this problems.I will renovate my blog frequently in order to make my blog interesting to visit and read.

Every book have a title to differenciates among the books .so,I use my own title for my blog named ‘Born to be a thinker’.The keyword ‘think' is suitable to describe what is the blog is all about.Writing an article needs you to think to get a good result of idea.'Born to be a thinker’ is closely related to the people themselves.Every human are born with a brain to think and determine the good things and the bad things.we are claimed to use our mind wisely for good reason.People may need a guide to think and the guide is not from the people themselves.This phrase is writen to refer the people to their Great Creator.

My blog are officially registered a few weeks ago.I welcomes everybody to share your comments and idea in my blog and be my followers.For all my blog visitors,peace be upon you.Assalamualaikum and welcome to my blog.


  1. be ready to think a lot din :)

  2. W"salam.. i like the chef and decoration part.. yes, it is hard to create an article that full of decoration.. be ready to think a lot din ;(