Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you ever experience riding a motorcycles?I’m sure many of you really often with motorcycle.Malaysia is one of the top country motorcycles owning in South East Asia.UiTM students often to use motorcycle to attend their class because it’s easy to park the motorcycle around the faculty area.Using the motorcycle is the how to save the money.Many peole asking why I’m writing an article about motorcycle?It because I’m the fans of motorsports.I’m enjoying to see the fascinating Formula One and the prestigious Moto GP.I’m willing to see the action live in circuit.I’m only saw it in television before.I’m also have my own motorcycle.
For the readers information,I’m the owner of 2007 four stroke Yamaha 135LC super sport.This motorcycle is a cub type also known as “kapchai” in Malay language.The engine capacity is 135cc that generate a power to the mototcycle to speeding about 140Km/h to 150Km/h.That’s my own record with the standard specification.Imagine how if I’m using the modified specification.It will make your heart stop beating.
One of the reason why I’m prefer to owned this motorcycle is because of it design.It’s looks sporty with aerodynamic design.It’s comes with sporty sport rims by Yamaha.What’s make this model different with another cub is the liquid cooling system to reduce the heat from the’s make 135LC specials and attract me to have on my own.
Let’s talk about the benefit of this motorcycle.As I said before,this model have the liquid cooling system to reduce heat from the engine,this motorcycle is suitable for extreme and long distance riding.There is a testimony from other riders that they can go through the highway without a big problems riding this motorcycle.There were not worried about over heating.Other model need to stop very often to avoiding engine damage cause by over heating.
The top speed show in meter panel is 180Km/h.But it just can raise bellow the top speed.let’s just follow the 110Km/h highway speed limit.Lives is more important.But like I said before,my own speeding record is 140Km/h to 150Km/h.That’s enough for me to feel the thriller.
Another interesting thing about this motorcycle is the handling.Once you ride this model,you can feel the smooth and soft handling.Thanks for the sporty fork at the front suspension and monoshock absorber at the rear suspension.With this thing,you can go through the bumpy road smoother compared to other models.
This motorcycle is using petrol to generate the four stroke engine.Compared to two stroke engine,the four stroke engine offer more fuel saving.For me as a student,it’s important for me to control the money saving the fuel tank can be load about 3 litres fuel that cost about RM6.The full load can ride you about 110Km.So,the fuel usage is valuable.
People today is concern about global warming cause by fossil fuel.But I believe that this motorcycle is environment friendly because the Yamaha company has developed environment friendly system.For this model and other Yamaha model the exhaust is built with catalyzer.With catalyzer it can reduce the carbon monoxide release.That’s how the the manufacturer save the environment and care about it.
Many friends ask me ‘’why you buy this motorcycle?’’.I never answer why because only the owner know the reason.And exclusively today,I answer all the questions as you read above.

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